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Please Read
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RE: Please Read
My heartfelt condolences James xo

(04-20-2015 03:34 AM)James Wrote:  Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have not been in touch with people lately. I know a lot of people have been trying to reach me and have been wondering why the website is down as well as my AOL address.

My best friend and business partner of 18 years, Debra, passed away and I have been having a hard time with it mainly because of how things went down. Debra’s sister and niece coerced Debra and came and hauled her off to Mississippi even though Debra did not want to go. Debra was too weak to make the trip and I told Debra that but her relatives did not care. And sure enough Debra ended up in the emergency room during the 2,000 mile road trip. They gave Debra no support and kept telling Debra and everyone else that she would be dead within two months even though Debra’s doctor was giving her at least 6 months and I would say even longer since Debra’s last scan showed the initial problem was gone. Debra’s family were trying really hard to prevent any of Debra’s friends from having any contact with her so Debra thought everyone had abandoned her. Anyway, Debra did not have to die and I am certain Debra would still be alive if she stayed here. She was doing her own therapy and was responding fantastically making major improvements within a few weeks.

Still Debra’s sister and niece, who happens to be a nurse, would not support her therapies. I even offered to e-mail Debra’s niece a bunch of medical research on ozone therapy and she declined despite seeing all the improvement Debra had in those few weeks. Her doctor in Mississippi at least was very interested so I e-mailed the research to Debra to give to her doctor.

Debra said her sister and niece said they would help with her therapies and that Debra would only be alone an hour a day between their shift changes. I found out from another of Debra’s friend’s that they had lied to her and they were doing nothing to help her with her self therapies. Last time I talked to Debra I asked her if her relatives ever got her another therapy device I had been wanting her to get to help her with her remaining symptom. She said yes, but she was waiting for someone else to come in and help her with this simple to use therapy that as a nurse her niece should have at least been able to help her with and could have showed Debra’s sister. So they outright lied to Debra about they were going to help her with her therapies. Debra passed away before anyone got there to help her with her therapies.

Even after her passing, several weeks before Debra’s birthday her sister and niece were still being evil ^)_&)*^*&^%. I found Debra’s baby book and hospital tag from her birth. I took photos and posted them on Debra’s Facebook page with a nice message for her birthday and a note telling her to remember how much she was loved by my family. Her family deleted the post.

And when I tried posting a nice message on her obituary they would not approve the message.

In my opinion they only cared about money. When Debra’s parents were sick her sister and niece kept telling Debra to just let her parents die. She told them that they don’t want to die and her dad was having his leg amputated to save his life after the hospital broke his toe leading to gangrene that they never told anyone was spreading. I finally checked his foot because he was complaining of severe pain despite morphine. That is when I discovered the gangrene had spread. He died later from his idiotic doctor giving him too much of the iodine based drug Amiadarone, which put him in to such as state of hypothyroidism that he was too weak to even swallow sips of water. They got the life insurance and money from some of his belongings. According to Debra, when Debra’s mother was in hospice, which she did not need to be there since she was in no way terminal, Debra’s sister called the hospice and told the nurses to ignore Debra and that they had Power of Attorney and to let Debra’s mom die. So the hospital withheld food and water for over a week until Debra’s mom died. In my opinion this is not only evil, but also amounts to murder. Power of Attorney ONLY kicks in if the person has a condition that makes them incapable of making a decision for themselves. Being put in to a drug induced coma to make a person comfortable even when they are not terminal is not grounds for a Power of Attorney to kick in. Debra’s mom could have been taken out the coma at any time so she could be asked if she wanted to live or not. When Debra’s mom died they got more life insurance money and more money from an estate sale and sale of the wheelchair conversion van.

The house was paid off and in the family trust. Debra’s family had a deal with her that she could live in the house until she died then they would sell the house. Debra wanted so bad to stay in the house because of all of her dad’s custom woodwork. I still have her last text message from her where she said she wanted to live in her dad’s beautiful work until the day she dies. But her family was not going to let her come back for any reason and again was even cutting off her communication with the rest of the world like a hostage. When I tried to call her Debra’s sister would always answer her phone and claiming Debra was sleeping instead of letting it go to voice mail. And Debra was always great about getting back to me until they apparently took her phone. Debra did call me one morning about 3 am her time because everyone else was asleep and so it was the only time she could sneak a call to me and not everyone was listening in on her calls.

Debra’s family could not sell the house and get the money with her in it so I feel like they threatened Debra with taking the house out from under her and myself leaving neither of us with a home to coerce her in to moving to Mississippi so they could get the money from selling the house. Especially since she had made it clear to me and everyone else that she did not want to move with Mississippi and she had told me and some of her other friends that she wanted to come back home to Las Vegas. In my opinion Debra’s family did what is as close to kidnapping as is possible without actually kidnapping her by the legal definition.

Debra’s sister called and told her that they were coming to get her and she had one week to get ready. They really did not give Debra a choice. A week later her sister and niece’s husbands were here packing up everything they could find of value that they could fit in the moving truck and hauled Debra and her dog Tanya off to Mississippi.

Tanya was very special to me. Nobody ever taught her how to play so I taught her. Debra said that they had to keep Tanya separated from her family’s dog since they did not get along. After Debra passed away Tanya ran away. Luckily she did not get hit by a car since she is also deaf. Someone found her and took her to the vet where they read her chip and found out Debra was the owner. I was listed as a contact so the shelter here tried calling me and when I did not answer because I was sleeping showed up at my door looking for Debra. When I explained to them that Debra had passed they called Debra’s sister to see if she would allow Tanya to come back to Las Vegas and they could fly Tanya back for free through volunteers. Her family and I DO NOT get along though so they would not allow Tanya to be returned to Las Vegas so I could have her. I doubt Debra’s sister wanted Tanya since she did not get along with the other dog and since Debra’s sister had a fit when Debra adopted Tanya because Debra’s sister thought Tanya was unhealthy due to her weight. Debra took excellent care of her dogs though always making them special, home-cooked food with herbs, making sure they got their weekly showers, taking them for walks twice a day and regular check-ups with the vet. Debra’s dogs were the center of her universe and were treated like royalty. If she did not feel good I would feed them and take them for their walks. When checking their Facebook pages to see if they ever posted anything about Debra such as I will miss my wonderful sister or aunt, which there never was, I saw that they gave Tanya away.

So many people who saw what was happening even asked me if her family had life insurance policies on her they were anxious to collect on. I am not sure. I know there was an accident life insurance policy Debra tool out for her sister. But I don’t know what other policies she had for her family or Debra’s family had on her. I would not be surprised at all though if Debra’s family had life insurance policies on her since they were so anxious to convince her that she would be dead within two months instead of giving her hope and support.

To make matters worse Debra handled all the business end of Mountain Mist Botanicals and died with all the passwords. The website and e-mail accounts were shut down and I don't have the passwords to get them re-opened. Furthermore, after Debra’s passing someone, which I believe was her family, emptied out our business account and then some. When I reported the fraud the bank closed the account. I cannot run invoices, deposit checks or run credit card or anything else. And I cannot run the business by myself so Mountain Mist Botanicals has been permanently shut down.

I am also leaving medicine. This is something that I was already looking at doing. I have been in medicine since I was 14 years old, but it has always been a hobby to me not what I wanted to do for a career. Debra’s passing has simply forced the issue a lot sooner than I was planning.

I have missed Debra and Tanya so much. Debra was such a nice person, one of those people who would do whatever she could for others. We always looked out for each other. Debra was always there for me and I was there for her when her parents were sick and when she needed things. I wanted to do so much for Debra to show her how much I appreciated her such as buying her a bright yellow Ford Mustang that was her dream car when money came in. Unfortunately I will never get the chance to do this now thanks to her family that did not give a shit about her. Maybe someday I can fund a non-kill shelter for dogs in her name, which I know if we had the money she would have done in a heartbeat.

Sorry for the rant, but I have been so angry about all the crap Debra’s sister and niece have pulled and talking about it is hard for me but also therapeutic.

08-13-2015 07:36 PM
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