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More on the "liver flush" myth
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More on the "liver flush" myth
These questions came up on one of my liver flush myth videos and I am re-posting the answers here:

+InevitablePast : "+Hveragerthi Hi, I like your scientific understanding behind certain concepts. I was wondering if you could explain these few facts below: 1. Soponification cannot be true, due to the fact that the flush does not need grapefruit or lemon juice at all, in order to successfully pull stones out of the liver and/or gall bladder.Therefore, it is impossible for saponification to be causing the stones as claimed by the critics."

That is totally incorrect. First of all the saponification process has NOTHING to do with the juices. It is a normal process that occurs in the intestines all the time forming fecal soaps that are used to lubricate the intestines. The saponification process simply involves the reaction of fatty acids from sources such as oils and fats with cations such as the magnesium from the Epsom salt or calcium, sodium, potassium, etc. from diet.

Bile itself also contains cations such as calcium and the sodium from sodium bicarbonate in bile. This goes to explaining your second question.

+InevitablePast : "2. The same flush ingredients produce differing amounts of stones. Stones do not always appear with a flush. If the flush ingredients were creating the stones through saponification, then stones should appear in similar numbers, each time it is done. The truth is, the flush does not always remove stones. There may be none."

If you throw a dart towards a dart board always using the same hand and from the same distance does the dart always hit the same exact spot? Of course not because there are always variables.

For example, as pointed out fecal soaps are produced all the time as a normal part of the digestive process. So why don't people defecate large blobs of fecal soaps as they do with the so-called "liver flushes"? Variables!!!! For example the amount of fats/oils ingested, the amount of cations present from diet, naturally present in the bile, from the Epsom salt, etc.

Why do these blobs of saponified oil decrease with multiple "flushes"? Well one simple explanation is a decrease in the saturation of bile with the additional cations of sodium and calcium from the repeated ingestion of large amounts of oil reducing bile stagnation.

The real questions people should be asking themselves are:

-How are people passing these blobs in volumes that far exceed the volume of the gallbladder. The funniest one was from a man on Curezone who gave numbers and sizes of the blobs he passed in a week. When I totaled up the volume he would have to have had NO organs and be packed with stones from his neck to his knees to hold that volume of stones. So how is that possible if those were really stones?

-How are people passing these large volumes several times a week when real stones literally take years to form. Is the Gallstone Fairy coming by every few days and putting new stones in their gallbladder for them to flush out? They obviously could not form naturally in a few days if they were really stones.

-How did one of my posters pass these same blobs after doing an ultrasound confirming she DID NOT have any gallstones to begin with?

-Why don't these blobs have the hardness, density, texture, shape, melting point or composition of real gallstones?

-Why have lab analyses of these blobs confirmed they are fecal soaps and not gallstones?

-Why are people claiming relief of symptoms like allergies that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with gallstones?

+InevitablePast : "3. Even when using a clear oil like walnut oil, the same green stones appear. How would this be possible?"

Simple, because as pointed out the reaction also involves bile, which is green. The green, which is darker than olive oil comes from the bile not the oil.

Speaking of colors some people have also added re dye to the oil before ingesting it. When they collected their fecal soaps there were specks of the red dye in these blobs. Since the dye never reaches the liver or gallbladder and the dye cannot penetrate a real gallstone, which is calcified, this proves 100% that these blobs were formed during the saponification process in the intestine.

+InevitablePast : "4. Stones can be felt coming out of the bile ducts. It is very noticeable. Feels like marbles. Thanks! Not trying to argue; I just personally feel like they are indeed real due to the above points."

How do you know they are stones coming through and how do you know anything other than bile is coming through the bile ducts?

Now, sludge and very tiny stones may pass from the gallbladder contractions. But again, people are passing blobs that are far too large to pass through the bile ducts even if they took a truck load or Epsom salt. The maximum dilation of the bile ducts are only 8mm. Even a dime is larger than that yet I have seen people claiming to have passed stones from the size of a quarter to a softball, which again would be physically impossible if those really were gallstones.

And if real gallstones are present there is a significant risk that the strong gallbladder contractions from all the oil can lodge a real stone in the bile ducts. This will lead to pancreatitis and requires emergency surgery.
05-01-2016 02:15 AM
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