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Amount of vitamin C in amla powder - micrei - 01-18-2015 11:10 AM

Hello James,

you said that you prefer amla berries as source of vitamin C.

How much natural vitamin C do you recommend per day (since your 3x500mg recommendation refers only to ascorbic acid)?

It seems amla powder contains only 7 - 10mg of vitamin C per gram ( So it's quite hard to get enough vitamin C with amla.

Several manufacturers of camu camus powder claim that there is about 130mg/g of vitamin C in it. Although the vitamin C in camu camu is less stable than in amla berries it seems that camu camu is a better vitamin C source.


RE: Amount of vitamin C in amla powder - Anderson - 01-18-2015 12:21 PM

I'm sure he would still recommend Amla over any synthetic form or even camu camu. According to him, with natural vitamin C you need way less than synthetic.

You can read more about his opinion on vitamin C here in his articles: