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The root canals casue breast cancer myth - James - 07-31-2014 08:43 PM

The following is a response I posted to a question given to me on a board about whether or not root canals cause breast cancer:

I don’t buy it. Where is the evidence? It does not exit. Interestingly, Mercola keeps harping on how there is no evidence that root canals are safe, yet he provides no real evidence to back his claim.

I am not a big fan of Mercola anyway. In my opinion he has become too sensationalistic in his writings hyping stuff up and presenting just flat out false information. I have written rebuttals to many of his bogus claims a number of times. You can find many of these on my site by searching for “Mercola” on the site.

Mercola is on the board of the Weston Price Foundation, which in my opinion is just as much of a joke. For example, Mercola and the Western Price Foundation keep posting completely bogus information on soy since its biggest competition is the beef and dairy industries that help support the Western Price Foundation. The one I find most ridiculous and funny is their claim that consuming soy is the equivalent of taking 5 birth control pills due to soy’s high phytoestrogen content. Not only is this an outrageous lie, but it is also funny because Mercola claims flax seed a “health food”. Apparently Mercola does not realize that flax seed is nearly 4 times higher in phytoestrogens than raw soy!!! In addition, Mercola sells resveratrol, which is a concentrated phytoestrogen. And he makes no mention of the naturally occurring estrogen in beef and dairy that is thousands of times more powerful than the phytoestrogens found in ALL plants. This is just one of many claims made by Mercola I have debunked so I don’t put any real faith in anything he claims anymore.

In fact, the article by Mercola you linked gives a great example how Mercola really sensationalizes his articles. He is discussing how Price was able to cause heart attacks and diseases in rabbits by implanting tooth fragments from root canals in to the rabbits. Mercola continues with his claim saying that the rabbits died within a few weeks from a heart attack, which he implies is from induced heart disease 100% of the time. If Mercola really understood medicine then he would realize that putting ANY bacterial contaminated foreign object in to the rabbits will cause disease. You can swab someone’s mouth with a toothpick then shove that toothpick in to a rabbit’s bloodstream and the rabbit is going to develop diseases and possibly even die from a heart attack as the rabbit’s immune system tries to fight off the foreign object and foreign pathogens it harbors. After all are human tooth fragments naturally found in the bloodstream of rabbits? How about human mouth bacteria? And what happens when an animal is exposed to pathogens they have not been exposed to before? For example, what happened to the Native Americans when the white settlers brought previously unknown pathogens to the shores of the Native Americans land? Many of the Native Americans were decimated by these new diseases since they had never been exposed before to these pathogens and therefore had no immunity. So is Mercola really so stupid that he does not understand that implanting foreign bacteria alone in to the rabbits will cause disease? Or that implanting a foreign body that can provide a source of infection will cause disease including blood clots that can cause a heart attack?

In fact, he tries to imply the rabbits are dying of heart disease, which is misleading. A heart attack from a blood clot induced by the immune system fighting foreign is not the same as heart disease, which can take decades to develop.

The other diseases Mercola claims Price could induce in this manner is still subject the same flaws I mention above. For example, the immune complexes that will be formed can cause kidney disease.

Therefore, not only was Price’s research SEVERELY flawed, but Mercola’s interpretation of this flawed research was even more flawed.

I also looked at Mercola’s references from medical journals he linked to his article. I don’t see where any of them support his claim. They discuss how pathogenic bacteria have caused disease in some isolated cases. No surprise there. But they DO NOT support the claims that any of these bacteria are causing cancer in humans, especially breast cancer.

I could go through the medical journals and find all sorts of articles showing how bacteria can cause diseases other than cancer. But it would be ludicrous if I posted these studies as proof to a claim that these bacteria caused cancer, but this appears to be what Mercola is doing.

For example, let’s look at his most current reference, J Clin Micr Feb 2007 in which they are talking about brain abscesses occasionally being caused by bacteria associated with dental procedures. A brain abscess IS NOT cancer. So how is this reference supposedly going to support Mercola’s claim about root canals and cancer? It doesn’t!!! In fact, NONE of his medical journal abstracts he references back the root canal-cancer connection.

Again pretty ironic that Mercola harps on how their is no medical evidence that root canals are safe but Mercola himself has no real medical evidence proving a link between root canals and cancer.

The second link you provided is to the Weston Price Foundation, which again I have no faith in since so many of their claims have been discredited.

The third link falsely claims that most cancers are caused from root canals. The vast majority of cancers have been linked to viral infections, not bacteria associated with the mouth. In fact, bacterial induced cancers are rather rare.

Bottom line is that there is absolutely no real evidence to back the root canal-cancer claims.

RE: The root canals casue breast cancer myth - bharatverma - 10-23-2015 01:15 AM

Thumbs up to you... Well written and well described. That's a great post I have found. Keep sharing informative post.