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Severe Muscle Fatigue - j226 - 05-07-2014 02:33 PM

Hi James,

I wanted to see if you might have an idea about what could be causing this or how to treat it.

About a month ago I started to have some mild muscle fatigue in my legs that was only noticeable with exertion, it would make me feel like I could lose my balance. There can be a little aching from exertion but it's temporary. About 4 days ago it started to get much more severe and I noticed it in several other areas like the arms, neck, and stomach. It feels like I have the flu and have just completed a very intense workout even with just a little exertion. It's making it difficult to perform a lot of basic tasks. Fatigue, mild nausea, and lack of appetite also seem to be associated with this. Just before this recent problem started I had seasonal allergies kick in, a common cold that lasted a few days, and an infected cyst on my neck that had to be drained. The symptoms improve with rest and the severity can drastically vary throughout the day.

I have had somewhat similar but milder and very intermittent issues over the past 4 years where just my chest muscles and sometimes the neck would feel fatigued and some muscle pain would set in when these muscles were used too much. I think this is just muscle fatigue and not actual weakness or loss of strength. I tested this a few months ago due to the intermittent chest muscle issues, I verified that I was able to bench press the same amount of weight that I could lift years ago when I was healthy.

I had basic blood tests done and nothing was found. Creatine kinase levels are normal so there doesn't appear to be muscle breakdown. Mineral / electrolytes like calcium, potassium, and magnesium levels are normal. It was also verified that it's not the flu.

I'm not sure that it's lack of ATP since I'm taking magnesium malate, carnitine, and coq10 although those supplements have really improved my energy levels in the past. I'm going to try l-tryptophan next for seratonin in case if it's the start of fibromyalgia, I can't use 5-htp due to an allergy. Also taking l-glutamine for muscle support. Taking a choline supplement seems to help a little. I do have adrenal fatigue, multiple allergic sensitivities, and possibly mild hypothyroidism based on blood tests and basal body temp so I wonder if those issues could be the cause.

I'm starting to suspect that stress is a trigger for worsening symptoms. Also when very stressed that seems to lead to temporary decrease in symptoms, perhaps that could mean higher levels of adrenal / thyroid hormones releasing from stress help.


RE: Severe Muscle Fatigue - j226 - 05-29-2014 01:21 AM

James, do you do paid consulting? If you ever have time I have a lot of questions and would be more than willing to pay to consult.

Update: I had more tests and the only thing that really stuck out is my Reverse T3 level is high at 38.9 ng/dl (ref range 9.2 -24.1). Could that be causing my muscle fatigue, nausea, and fatigue symptoms? TSH was 3.070, T4 free was 1.69 ng/dl, and T3 free was 3.3 ng/dl.

Also, my vitamin D level is a little low at 29.2 ng/ml.

I'm still weak but I seem to be better after forcing myself to eat more, especially with adding more carbs. I went on a low carb paleo diet 5 months ago, I'm starting to suspect that not getting enough carbs has caused me to crash.