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What to wash hair with - let's feel excellent - 01-22-2014 03:11 AM

Aloha James,

I know that you do not recommend washing hair with shampoo and I agree. I have tried many alternatives but have not found anything that cleans excess oil from my hair and doesn't dry it out. Lemon juice was the best and not a good option for me. Since I color my hair the juice rapidly removes the color. What do you suggest?

RE: What to wash hair with - Shapeshifter - 01-26-2014 04:14 PM

I have very successfully used James' suggestions to add some citric acid to a natural shampoo (any natural chemical free shampoo). I think it's a teaspoon citric acid per 16 oz bottle. I also added the 20-30 drops eucalyptus oil he recommended for dandruff. This combination cleans my hair and scalp and leaves is so shiny and healthy looking. It's amazing. I have struggled with the same dilemma for years as to washing and not washing and which shampoos. I tried the 'no poo' method of using baking soda and vinegar. The BS destroyed my hair (I have very fine hair) and the vinegar at first felt good but then left it waxy and I had to use a lot of shampooing to get it out of my hair. I also found lemon to be too harsh, not sure why. I am also sometimes using a tea I made (also recommended by James) to help with hair loss (I have had some hair thinning), it's with licorice and yucca and also has citric acid (and some alcohol added to preserve). I put it in after shampooing and drying. My boyfriend noticed how great my hair looked after using the shampoo (with the citric acid and eucalyptus oil added) and so he wanted to try it too and now he uses it and loves it as well. His hair is thick but coarse so it really adds shine. Smile (Thank you James!)