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Saponins lead to leaky gut? - Anderson - 07-05-2013 01:38 PM

How Do Grains, Legumes and Dairy Cause a Leaky Gut? Saponins and Protease Inhibitors

RE: Saponins lead to leaky gut? - James - 08-31-2013 03:57 AM

(07-05-2013 01:38 PM)Anderson Wrote:  How Do Grains, Legumes and Dairy Cause a Leaky Gut? Saponins and Protease Inhibitors

The information being presented is not 100% correct.

First of all not all plants contain saponins as the author claims. If they did and she was correct we would all be in big trouble from eating fruits and vegetables since they are all plants.

Secondly, steroidal saponins are routinely used to treat leaky gut because leaky gut is the result of inflammation of the intestines, which allows protein solutes to pass in to the bloodstream. This in turn can lead to immune reactions as the immune system reacts to the antigenic protein solutes. The steroidal saponins reduce the intestinal inflammation and saponins can also kill pathogens and support the flora all of which help reduce or eliminate leaky gut.

If the saponins were acting as adjuvents as the author falsely claims then they would have to be absorbed themselves in to the bloodstream. Problem is that saponins are not absorbed in to the bloodstream for a good reason. In contact with red blood cells the saponins would hemolyze the red blood cells, which would be much more of an issue that the immune reactions the protein solutes could cause.

A simple way to prove the author wrong would be to put some yucca root on your skin since the skin cells contain cholesterol just like the intestinal cells. If we put yucca root on our skin does it lyze our skin cells? Of course not. Just like the yucca or other saponins DO NOT lyze our intestinal cells as the author claims.

The claims about protease inhibitors are somewhat misleading as well. Protease inhibitors are found in sources such as seeds and raw potatoes and green tomatoes. The later two were popular in the AIDS community for a while since the protease inhibitors are antivirals. But soaking seeds and cooking reduce or remove protease inhibitors. As tomatoes ripen their level of protease inhibitors also decline.