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Your opinion on MMS - DreamHouse - 04-02-2013 08:03 AM

Hi James,

Have you heard of MMS ( for aids, cancer, etc?

If so, what can you say about it for my friend with cachexia?

Thank you so,

RE: Your opinion on MMS - James - 04-05-2013 12:59 AM

(04-02-2013 08:03 AM)DreamHouse Wrote:  Hi James,

Have you heard of MMS ( for aids, cancer, etc?

If so, what can you say about it for my friend with cachexia?

Thank you so,

Hi Clarita,

MMS is way over-hyped and as far as I am concerned too dangerous to use.

Here are some old posts I did on the subject with my concerns:

I discuss a great example of potential interactions here as well:

And more on the dangerous advice of Jim Humble:

Here is part of a longer post I did on cancer:

"There are some other minor things I disagree with. My biggest problem with this protocol is a lack of any evidence of efficacy or even a demonstration that it really reverts cancer cells to normal. I also have a problem with the mixture since it is unknown how these different chemicals are going to interact with each other. For example will the colloidal silver react with the DMSO or MSM forming silver sulfate, or with the sodium chlorite and hypochlorite (the breakdown products of the highly unstable chlorine dioxide) forming toxic silver chloride? Just too many safety issues to be answered.

I also have to admit that it really bothers me that they keep referring to the MMS as chlorine dioxide when it is not chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a toxic and unstable gas. It reacts with water yielding the sodium chlorite and hypochlorite. I have a problem with companies repeatedly making misleading claims, especially when they have been told over and over that the claim is misleading. Do they feel that chlorine dioxide somehow sounds more healthy or scientific? Or are they trying to distance themselves from the relationship of MMS to common household bleach? Regardless of the reason, being deliberately misleading is being deliberately misleading. And this makes me wonder what else they are being misleading about in order to sell product. Network marketing companies are notorious for making up false claims about their products, hyping them up to justify the ridiculous prices. And I cannot stand networking marketing companies for this reason. So when I see MMS promoters deliberately claiming that it is something it is not I am going to take ALL of their other claims with a grain of salt until I see some solid evidence to the contrary."

When searching for posts I already did on MMS i ran across this briefing of a post that had been deleted. Not moved to MMS debate, but deleted:

"When I was experimentiing with various products, my family was quite concerned. For example, MMS made me vomit and people close to me tried to get me to stop using it. ..."

As so often happens on Curezone dangers of therapies that are also paid advertisers on Curezone get deleted so people do not realize how dangerous and misleading these therapies actually are.

Bottom line is that MMS should be avoided at all costs in my opinion.