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RE: High ferritin levels. Cause or effect? - James - 08-12-2012 01:12 AM

(08-07-2012 11:03 PM)sobeit Wrote:  I just sent you a response to your PM.

Oh okay. That does seem to make sense. Is there any reason I would do okay with white rice though? White rice seems to be okay while brown rice would give me horrible symptoms. And the same thing goes for wheat as well. I used to eat white bread and may get some symptoms, but eating whole wheat or pasta would make me MISERABLE. It's really weird.

I have no idea what could be in the brans of these grains that could be giving you a problem.

I have another issue which would be greatly appreciated if you could offer any advice on. I've been taking b vitamins, zinc, pantothenic acid, bitters, etc to try and build up my digestive acids for about two weeks now. Starting last Wednesday, i decided that I needed to do something about my weight loss and incorporate carbs into my diet and try to gain weight. Since i couldnt tolerate whole grains, ive been eating potatoes, white rice, corn, and even very small amounts of gluten every day since with my ill effects. I did still have the bloating and indigestion, but I was also eating a lot more and the bitters and acv seemed to make it more tolerable. I was actually feeling better after eating than i have when i was on the candida diet recently.

Based on the information you have given in your posts and your PM I am really leaning more towards allergic reaction to something. Low stomach acid will cause bloating, and will lead to an increase of incompletely digested proteins that can act as antigens triggering allergic responses.

I didnt really notice any issue until starting yesterday. 4 hours after lunch, i noticed that i started feeling a little anxious but managed to get over it. 30 minutes after lunch today however, I got a full blown panic attack and have been anxious ever since. Ive been taking lecithin with every meal for the past two weeks. I take 200 mg chromium with meals so i dont think that its hypoglycemia. I used to get panic attacks for the past few years which have stopped in February ever since i adopted a candida diet and tried to kill the candida with antifungals. My diet from that time til last Tuesday was mainly meats and vegetables.

Are the panic attacks a result of me eating carbs again that are somehow feeding the candida or which im allergic to?

It does sound more like some type of allergic reaction.

I was fine the whole week until yesterday. I do notice that my hands and feet tingle more than usual.

The tingling you are mention here and in your PM could be a few things including neuropathy from long term elevated blood sugar.

Or is it possible that the panic attacks are a result of a cleansing/flushing of my body?

Not likely.

Im currently taking brewer's yeast along with lecithin as well so im not sure if it could be a toxin/cleansing effect. I noticed that my liver/gallbladder has been aching a bit more recently. My right shoulder blade which is usually sore when i have liver/gallbladder pain is also very sore. I've also been going to the bathroom once or twice a day now (compares to once or twice a week before) and the bowel movements are more yellowish.

If floating as well this would indicate a high percentage of fat in the stool.

One thing i did just start was adding 1000mg cod oil two days ago, so im not sure if that plays a factor or could be a cause of the panic attacks either. I also started taking kefir a few days ago but really took more starting two days ago as well so i dont know if it could be die off.

Neither of these should cause this unless again there is an allergic reaction.

One other thing i noticed is that ive been trying to do eye exercises for my eyestrain starting 2 days ago and i noticed that during one of the exercises, i felt my eye muscles completely release and relax (although not permanently) and my right ear unclog. My eyes have been VERY sore ever since. My vision has been sharper, but it hurts to focus on anything. Even putting my glasses on make my eyes ache.

If your eyesight is improving then the old prescriptions can make your eye muscles work harder to focus.

Prior to my panic attack this morning, they ached pretty badly, i was seeing a lot of floaters, and the vision in one of them was flashing like someone took a picture in my face.

You may possibly have a detached retina. Often they can reattach on their own. But seeing flashing lights like that is a symptom.

I had these very same symptoms before when i accidentally chelated myself of metals. My eyes hurt a lot more and i was really dazed after i ate which played into a large part of my panic attack since im very sensitive with my eyes. To be fair, my lunch was very oily. I literally felt like the oil went straight to my eyes or face and gave me a really bad headache. Eating usually does affect my eyes and headache, but not to this degree. Now that i think about it, the panic attack seemed to start because my eyes were hurting so badly and i was so dazed.

Headaches again can result from the epinephrine released during allergic reactions.

The only other thing i can think of is that my liver is overloaded from all the supplement/vitamins im taking and that i need to give it a break. Any insight you can offer would be appreciated. I really hope its not the carbs since ive gained about 4 pounds since last tuesday since eating carbs again. I want to keep the momentum going, but obviously not if it's detrimental to my healing.

I recommend putting your focus on rebuilding your adrenal glands since this sounds more and more allergy related.

Random things:
Showering always seemes to help the eyes and my mood in general although i only tolerate showers at night. Laying down also seems to help

These are calming giving the adrenals a rest.

I get random night sweats where i wake up drenched in sweat, but it's only my legs.

That sounds like nerve damage (neuropathy).

Ive been taking 200mcg iodine from kelp for the past two weeks and im not sure if this could play a factor by displacing flouride or something.

Again not likely. This would fall under the same thing as what I wrote on my "bromine detox myth" post.

Eating always makes it hard for me to breath. Result of bloating?

Possible since this could compress the diaphragm. But it can also be bronchiole constriction from an allergic reaction.

Im not sure if this is a coincidence, but it feels like its harder for me to digest my meals when i take supplements with meals.

Some supplements will neutralize stomach acid such as those containing calcium carbonate (coral, dolomite, oyster shell) or magnesium oxide.

Why might my hands and feet be tingling more? I started magnesium 300mg 2x daily. Is it form the carbs?

If it is neuropathy as I suspect then yes this would be the most likely cause.

So do i need to stop the carbs, stop the supplements, or are these healing pains? Could my digestive system be overloaded since Im eating a lot more? It's so hard to be objective when it involves yourself. Thank you very much!

You could try gymnema sylvestre to help reduce your sugar absorption and an amylase inhibitor such as white kidney bean extract or mulberry leaf to block starch breakdown.

Update: (allthis happened on Wednesday)
So last night for dinner i ate my plain veggies first and was doing alright. Then towards the middle of th emeal i ate somthing that contained a little more fat in it and felt the oil going to me head and feeling spaceyagain. I felt some anxieyu coming on, tried to walk it off and was able to finish dinner without any issues.

Today (thursday) i wok eup feeling pretty good actually. I had a decent bowl of corn cereal for breakfast and had no issues at all. For lunch, i ate some white rice and chicken which did contain a decent amount of oil although no where near as much as yesterday's lunch. Halfway thorugh the lunch, i felt it all over my head again and had to stop eating because i was going to get a full blown panic attack if i didnt stop. My hands and feet were also tingling like crazy as i was eating. That was about an hour ago and Im trying to quell the anxiety as much as i can right now. So now im really confused as to whether its the carbs or oil. I was fine before these recent episodes started. I even went out with my family for the first time in a year and had a huge lunch where i completely stuffed myself, had very oily food, and even had some gluten. I was bloated and drowsy afterwards, but not feeling the way i feel right now and definitely not anxious.

I know you say anxiety is a result of lactate or epinipherine. Since im taking the lecitihin, is it the lactate in my blood? And if so, i remember reading you say nettle leaf is the best? I'm not even really full right now, just bloated and couldnt eat because i was getting anxious Ugh. Any insight as to WHY this is happening would make it much easier. Thank you once again

I sent you some details on this in the PM.

One thing though is the color of your stools, which makes it sound like you are not producing or releasing bile properly. I cannot recall if you said you tried bitters or not, but this can help with bile release. Or at least add some bitter tasting foods to your diet like arugula lettuce or bitter melon.

PS- Can the 300mg 2x daily of magnesium without any calcium play a role?


I remember reading somewhere that both should be taken to deal with anxiety.

Both can be calming to the nervous system, but I have never seen any evidence that either deficiency causes anxiety.

Maybe the magnesium is displacing too much calcium? Not sure how valid that is, but im trying to analyze EVERY possible angle.

Highly unlikely.


You're welcome.

RE: High ferritin levels. Cause or effect? - James - 08-12-2012 01:25 AM

(08-09-2012 05:03 PM)sobeit Wrote:  So i went to the health food store in search of nettle leaf to help with the lactic acid/anxiety and the lady working at the store who's really into Ayurvedic medicine said that nettle leaf would not be a good match for me right now based on my body type, the fact that Im losing weight, and that it would be too much for my system based on the Ayurevedic principals. Instead, she said that Ashwaganda would actually be a great benefit to me right now because it will help with the anxiety and is very nourishing. I know you always recommend Ashwaganda for the adrenals and liver as well, so i decided to get that instead. Now im starting to second guess myself as to whether or not i should have gotten the Nettle leaf since it helps reduce the lactic acid. I'm not sure how much weight you put into Ayurvedic medicine if at all. I read your posts saying Ashwaganda is also helpful with anxiety, but will it help reduce lactic acid as well? If not, what else can I take to help with that or should i have just gotten the nettle leaf and go get it tomorrow? I guess i will try the ashwaganda regardless. It's 400mg per capsule so what dosage should i take? I can deal with the headaches and indigestion, but anxiety and panic attacks scare the crap out of me. Your help is very appreciated. Thank you

I use Ayurvedic herbs but nor based on body types as is done in Ayurvedic medicine, but rather on their chemistry.

I mentioned in the PM that human cells do not produce lactic acid, but rather lactate. Even though the two terms are frequently interchanged they are not the same thing. Ashwaganda would have a minor effect on the lactate, but not as much as nettle leaf. One other herb that would help a lot with lactate and the adrenals is suma.

As fr the ashwagandha though I recommend 3 capsules three times daily at least 20 minutes before meals.

Another update: Not sure if it could be the carbs/sugar now. I just ate a handful of strawberries about 40 minutes ago and my hands and feet are tingling intensely again and i feel a bit of anxiety again. Unless its a coincidence. Ugh. I need the carbs to gain weight

I just found this online:
"Lactic acid is a by-product of the process cells use to produce energy. As cells convert glucose to energy, they use oxygen. If there is not enough oxygen within the cell, the cell is still able to produce energy, but also produces lactic acid."

This is incorrect. Human cells do not produce lactic acid, they produce lactate. Although lactate happens to be a primary fuel source for cells.

Does this mean that the tingling in my hands and feet along with the anxiety im experiencing are a result of the higher carb/sugar diet (= more glucose) that ive been eating recently? Or is this more related to Candida and possibly feeding them with the carbs/sugar?

Chronic exposure to elevated glucose can cause demyelination leading to neuropathy. So it is possible the sudden rise in blood sugar is aggravating existing neuropathy.

Is there even a point taking the Ashwaganda right now or should i get the nettle leaf and try it tomorrow first?

No reason you cannot take both at the same time. Both also support the adrenals.

I know you dont put much weight into urine testing, but my urine tests in February said i have slightly elevated GABA levels so im kind of afraid the Ashwaganda might stimulate it more. lol. My mind is going 1000 miles an hour right now

Urine tests are not going to show GABA levels in the brain.

RE: High ferritin levels. Cause or effect? - James - 08-12-2012 01:43 AM

(08-09-2012 07:05 PM)sobeit Wrote:  Also, Things that would normally not bother me are currently driving me nuts

That sounds like adrenal issues since the adrenals produce our anti-stress hormones. And weak adrenals also lead to increased allergic responses.

RE: High ferritin levels. Cause or effect? - Anderson - 08-12-2012 01:58 AM

(08-09-2012 07:05 PM)sobeit Wrote:  Also, Things that would normally not bother me are currently driving me nuts

That's pretty much one of the things that happen when I eat anything that contains gluten...