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Hormones and moles. - James - 07-10-2012 01:32 PM

I just read the main cause of moles is from imbalances in hormones, which is why many people get them whilst on the pill? Have you heard this, is it true?

Hormones can lead to increased melanin production, which is the pigment in the moles (melanocytic nevus). So the hormones can contribute to the pigment, but this does not mean they are a cause. Just like hormones can increase the growth of viral induced cancers, but this does not make hormones the cause of the cancer.

I know you said bacteria can cause them but can hormones as well?

Not bacteria, but rather a viruses. For example, one of the viruses found to lead to the formation of moles is the molluscum contagiosum virus. This also helps to explain "outbreaks" of moles in people with severe immune suppression such as AIDS patients.

Is it one particular hormone going to high or to low that causes them, and what exactly are they made out of, except for "brown stuff" Smile

The brown stuff is a pigment known as melanin. And of course there can also be an overgrowth of tissue, which is common with various viral infections.

RE: Hormones and moles. - James - 07-10-2012 01:34 PM

But if you have had them since a child, and more appear as you get older, does that mean you have had this virus all your life? The only reason I put two and two togther with hormones is because methylation can affect hormones (not sure if it causes to much of some of to little of others), and the majority of people on the methylation forums all commented that they had abnormal amounts of moles.

It is possible also that there is more than one cause of moles, which means there may not be a life long infection. As pointed out though a virus is suspected in some cases at least. And the appearance with age actually back this more. Immunity generally declines with age, which can make viral infections more active. In addition, hormones that can contribute to pigmentation of moles decrease with age. If hormones were a cause then why would moles increase with age instead of decrease?