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Advantages of self treatment with ozone - James - 07-03-2012 08:22 AM

Ozone therapy is actually very easy to use at home. And there are big advantages to doing this. You can go pay big bucks to get an occasional injection and allow the remaining cancer to grow in between as well as any associated infections. Or people can get cold corona units with an oxygen source and administer it at home multiple times a day to keep killing off cancer cells and its associated infections. This will also help with increasing immune factors such as peroxides, cytokines and white blood cell activity while destroying cancer causing microbes and carcinogens.

How the ozone will be administered will depend on what is being treated. Brain tumors for example can be treated through ear insufflation. Most internal cancers through rectal or vaginal insufflation. Direct tumor injection in some other cases, etc.

And research has show that rectal insufflation is as effective as autohemotherapy after a few applications. Although if other factors are added insufflation can actually be more effective than injections or autohemotherapy and without the risks of injection.

And there is another big drawback to injections other than the invasiveness, cost and risk of emboli. To avoid emboli the ozone is supposed to be injected at a very slow rate, about 1cc/min. Problem is that the half life of ozone under ideal conditions is only about 15 minutes. Since more than 15cc is usually administered at a time this means that most of what is injected will not be ozone anymore by the time it is injected.

In addition concentration is a lot more critical with injections as opposed to insufflation.

With insufflation the treatments can be done safely for extended periods of time once the colon becomes accustomed to the ozone after a few treatments. This allows the body to saturate more thoroughly with the ozone than by any other means of application.

And equipment cost is less expensive in most cases than going through ozone injection rounds for cancer by a doctor.

Again people need to do some homework before applying any therapy for cancer or other disease. Ozone is definitely the safest and most effective cancer therapy ever devised for cancer. But there is NO single best method of application. It all depends again on various factors such as where the cancer is located, how advanced it is and what equipment they have access to.

In most cases though buying a cold corona system and an oxygen source is going to be the most effective and least expensive way to go, and the person will also have the advantage of owing the unit for use in the future or for family or friends.

Also keep in mind that ozone has many beneficial uses other than disease treatment. So again it is nice owning the unit.