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Natural treatments for prostadynia - James - 06-27-2012 03:19 AM

What do you recommend for prostatodynia(non bacterial prostatitis and epididymitis)?

Prostadynia (prostate pain) is actually not the same as prostatitis (prostate inflammation), even though the terms are used loosely interchangeably. Prostadynia can exist without inflammation such as muscle spasms of the prostate and the surrounding muscles.

A few things that can help are:

-Magnesium malate to help with muscle spasms.

-Pollen will help due to sterols, but jiaogulan is much higher in sterols that help fight infections and keep the prostate healthy. Nettle leaf is another good choice.

-Licorice root is great for reducing inflammation, fighting infections and helping prevent DHT induced prostate enlargement.

-Quercetin has been shown to help with prostadynia and prostatitis by reducing inflammation and infection.

-Zinc is essential for proper prostate health.