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Marcus Guiliano- baking soda for cancer quackery - James - 03-01-2016 12:52 PM

Marcus Guilliano has made various videos claiming the ingestion of baking soda will cure cancer, which is complete nonsense.

Is Consuming Baking Soda Dangers?

Drinking Baking Soda for Health Benefits | How To Improve Your Health

From what I can see Guiliano is a chef with no medical background and it appears no real science background. He is presenting information that is not only WRONG, but is also putting people's health and lives at great risk. When I address his errors though my posts are being hidden or deleted, which in my opinion is because he does not have the knowledge to address the claims since he is simply repeating whatever nonsense he saw on YouTube or read from some health propaganda source. If someone knows what they are talking about and really believes in what they are saying they will respond to the claims made and present evidence as I have repeatedly done. They don't hide the comments and especially the research provided to back those facts as keeps happening to my responses on Guiliano's videos. Therefore, I am posting copies of my responses here so they cannot be deleted and hidden from the public. people need to be aware of the facts including how dangerous Guiliano's unfounded advice really is.

RE: Marcus Guiliano- baking soda for cancer quackery - James - 03-01-2016 12:54 PM

+Scarlet Zubaidah :+Hveragerthi so it means can check ph through urine right?"

Once again my comment in the thread was immediately deleted so I am re-posting here.

NO, the only way to check your blood pH is with a blood test. Urinary pH only shows you the urinary pH.

In fact, a blood pH of either 6 or 8 and above as is being discussed by this person trying to achieve this would mean death since the body can only live in a very narrow pH range. This is why the body has numerous systems in place to maintain its blood pH. Mainly respiration and kidney function. So you are not going to alkalize the blood by ingesting baking soda.

First of all the baking soda is going to get neutralized by the stomach acid forming carbonic acid and sodium chloride salt. An excess of sodium chloride production can actually lead to hyperchloremic acidosis.

By the way, ingestion of baking soda and other alkalizers has been studied for cancer and proven they DO NOT kill cancer cells. Especially considering the fact that cancer cells have an alkaline internal pH that allow the cancer cells to survive and drives glycolysis of the cancer cells. Excess alkalinity also morphs healthy cells in to cancer cells:

Alkalinity driving cancer cell growth and malignant transformation:

Role of the Intracellular pH in the Metabolic Switch Between Oxidative
Phosphorylaiton and Aerobic Glycolysis-Relavance to Cancer. Cancer

Na+/H+ exchanger-dependent intracellular alkalinization is an early event in
malignant transformation and plays an essential role in the development of
subsequent transformation-associated phenotypes. FASEBJ 2000

Tumorigenic 3T3 cells maintain an alkaline intracellular pH under physiological
conditions. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1990 October; 87(19): 7414–7418

31P NMR analysis of intracellular pH of Swiss Mouse 3T3 cells: effects of
extracellular Na+ and K+ and mitogenic stimulation. J Membr Biol

Extracellular Na+ and initiation of DNA synthesis: role of intracellular pH and
K+. J Cell Biol 1984 Mar;98(3):1082-9

How cancer cells maintain their internal alkalinity and evidence that blocking the proton pumps makes cancer cells acidic killing them:

Vacuolar H(+)-ATPase in Cancer Cells: Structure and Function. Atlas of
Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology Sept. 2011

Vacuolar H+-ATPase in human breast cancer cells with distinct metastatic
potential: distribution and functional activity. Am J Physiol Cell
Physiol 286: C1443–C1452, 2004

Targeting vacuolar H+-ATPases as a new strategy against cancer. Cancer
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Vacuolar H(+)-ATPase signaling pathway in cancer. Curr Protein Pept Sci
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This is why my responses keep getting deleted. I can back what I am saying with actual evidence instead of just making up BS like Marcus Guilano is doing.

Secondly, even a minor shift in the pH of the blood is met initially with changes in the respiratory rate to compensate. Therefore, even if the baking soda did make it to the bloodstream any alkalizing effect would lead to a decrease of respiration to build up acidic hydrogen ions (protons) to maintain the blood pH within that narrow level.

If you really want to alkalize you can do this 100% for free. How? Simply hyperventilate. This reduces the essential carbonic acid levels in the blood. And what happens? You pass out as the body tries to protect itself from the alkalosis. This occurs as the alkalinity constricts blood vessels to the brain and inhibits the release of oxygen to the tissues. So the lack of oxygen to the brain causes you to pass out and you fall down so that gravity can assist with getting blood back to the brain. In the meantime respiration temporarily ceases or slows to allow the build up of carbonic acid once again to restore blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues, including the brain.

Still think trying to force the blood in to a more alkaline state is safe and healthy?

Do you know what happens in severe cases of alkalosis (excess alkalinity of the blood)? The person dies from a lack of oxygen!!! This is not only from the constriction of blood vessels reducing circulation and the alkalosis preventing the release of oxygen from hemoglobin. Severe alkalosis also leads to spasm contractions of the lungs causing the person to suffocate.

Since my posts keep getting deleted I am going to re-post them on at under Health Fraud so they cannot be erased. In my opinion Guiliano does not have even basic enough understanding of chemistry and human physiology to address the facts and evidence I keep presenting, which is why my posts keep getting hidden or deleted instead of addressed by Guiliano.

RE: Marcus Guiliano- baking soda for cancer quackery - James - 03-01-2016 12:56 PM

+Scarlet Zubaidah : "+Marcus Guiliano you can check your ph through urine"

Once again my response was deleted.

You CANNOT determine your pH by testing urine or saliva. I addressed this in this old post:

As far as urine pH, urinary pH DOES NOT reflect blood pH. Same with salivary pH. Salivary pH is affected by the amount of bacteria in the mouth so things such as brushing your teeth will make the saliva more alkaline. So will drinking water, thinking of certain foods, etc. Dry mouth increases acidity as alkaline saliva normally washes away acid forming bacteria in the mouth.

Urinary pH is affected by hydration levels, certain supplements and medications and by bacteria in the urine. Urinary tract infections lead to highly alkaline urine as the bacteria use the enzyme urease to split urea in to highly alkaline ammonia. The alkalinity helps the bacteria, as with most pathogens, to survive.

The ONLY way to determine blood pH is with a blood test.

This guy is putting people's health and lives at risk by not only promoting these proven bogus ideas but also by constantly hiding and deleting posts explaining the real facts. Especially when my post with all the research studies proving ingesting baking soda increases cancer risk and promotes existing cancers was deleted. Why is he so scared for the real facts to be seen?

And the fact that he keeps deleting my responses instead of addressing the claims and research I am presenting only proves he has no clue what he is talking about.

RE: Marcus Guiliano- baking soda for cancer quackery - James - 03-01-2016 12:58 PM

The reaction of baking soda and stomach acid results in both being neutralized and the formation of carbonic acid and sodium chloride salt. An excess of sodium chloride salt can cause hyperchloremic acidosis.

RE: Marcus Guiliano- baking soda for cancer quackery - James - 03-01-2016 12:59 PM

+Advantageous Links : "Miracle cure for many common aliments, including CANCER!"

I wish people would actually learn some chemistry and human physiology before posting dangerous videos like this and the same for comments.

Ingesting baking soda DOES NOT cure anything, especially cancer.

The baking soda is neutralized by the stomach acid forming carbonic acid, sodium chloride and water. This is 5th grade science people!!!!

In the process the stomach acid is also neutralized which leaves the body more prone to infection including from cancer causing pathogens, inhibits nutrient absorption, increases the risk of immune reactions from incompletely digested proteins, etc. The inhibition of absorption of some nutrients also leads to a decline in methylation needed for about 4,000 reactions in the body.

Decreased methylation from the ingestion of baking soda increases the risk of cancer and will promote existing cancers, immune suppression, heart disease, allergies, neurotransmitter imbalances, hormone issues, arthritis, bone loss (osteopenia, osteomalacia), loss of collagen matrix leading to osteoporosis, decreased cellular energy production, etc.

Bottom line is that ingesting baking soda IS NOT healthy, it puts the body at risk for numerous health issues.

RE: Marcus Guiliano- baking soda for cancer quackery - James - 03-01-2016 01:02 PM

Rik Dusk (Nocturnaldusk): "Baking soda neutralizes body acid. Cancer can't live in a low acidic body."

That is a myth. Cancer cells themselves are very alkaline and it is this alkalinity that allows them to survive and drives glycolysis.

Studies have also shown that when a healthy cell is made excessively alkaline the healthy cell morphs in to cancer cells.

Cancer cells arise in alkalinity all the time. People are confusing the acidic microenvironment around tumors that occurs in the later stages of the cancer growth with thinking that the cancer arises from acidity. Again, the cancer arises in alkalinity, not acidity. The acidity around the tumor does not occur until the export of protons by the cancer cells to maintain their internal alkalinity exceeds the body's ability to keep up with removal.

Rik Dusk (Nocturnaldusk): "I saw some footage here at YT of how a baking soda solution injected DIRECTLY into a cancerous tumor by hypodermic needle KILLS the tumor completely. But HAS to be injected DIRECTLY to work."

Did the video happen to mention the fact that the injection will also kill healthy cells just as easily?

The death of cancer cells and healthy cells has nothing to do with pH. The baking soda kills cells, healthy and cancerous from the strong osmotic shift the concentrated solution causes.

RE: Marcus Guiliano- baking soda for cancer quackery - James - 03-01-2016 01:05 PM

People need to keep in mind that the man doing this video does not have a medical background and does not understand how things work in the body. If he did then he would know the dangers of his advice.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) ingestion can either induce a temporary dangerous alkalosis or acidosis depending on a number of factors. If alkalosis this will actually decrease oxygen levels to tissues since mild alkalosis inhibits oxygen release from hemoglobin and constricts blood vessels decreasing circulation.

In addition, when you ingest baking soda the baking soda neutralizes stomach acid creating all sorts of problems. For example, for cancer patients which often suffer from cachexia. Consuming baking soda can make this worse by interfering with nutrient absorption. Inhibition of nutrients also leads to decreased methylation, which promotes cancer and suppresses immunity.

Even in healthy individuals the ingestion of baking soda will leave the person prone to ingested pathogens, increased risk of food allergies since proteins will not be properly broken down and increased frequency of acid reflux. Nutritional deficiencies from ingesting baking soda lead to other health problems especially from decreased methylation. These include cancer, heart disease, allergies, hormone problems, neurotransmitter imbalances, arthritis, suppressed immunity, depression, etc. Since stomach acid formation is also dependent on methylation, neutralizing the stomach acid leads to even more problems as the long term shortage of stomach acid further increases the risks listed above.

All the sodium chloride formed from the ingestion of the baking soda can also raise blood pressure, especially in patients also on steroids, and can induce hyperchloremic acidosis.

People need to stop and think about why none of these side effects of baking soda ingestion were mentioned in the video. Could it be because this guy is a chef and has no medical or chemistry background?

This is also a great example of why I always tell people to research all medical claims from other sources to verify if claims are true or not. This is your health and lives people, it should not be taken lightly. Isn't your health and lives worth taking a little extra time to research the facts rather than just jumping in to something just because you saw it on the internet and it sounded good to you?

RE: Marcus Guiliano- baking soda for cancer quackery - James - 03-01-2016 01:07 PM

Marcus Guiliano: "But this guy does have a medical background:"

This is also the same quack that claims cancer is a fungus because he does not understand the basic physiological differences between an animal cell and a fungal cell.

He also erroneously thinks that Candida and Aspergillus are the same thing even though they are not even related.

I have addressed this quack several times in the past: