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phosphoethanolamine against cancer - Anderson - 09-04-2015 03:59 AM

I read on a Brazilian newspaper that this guy developed a substance that is very effective in treating many types of cancer. I wonder if it is really that useful:

RE: phosphoethanolamine against cancer - Anderson - 10-27-2015 07:43 AM

Since ANVISA (the Brazilian FDA) has forbidden the use of synthetic phosphoethanolamine untill more sutudies are done to prove efficacy and safety, many people are now trying to find a way to make their own. I found this study that suggests that vitamin K2 can have a similar effect by elevating phosphoethanolamine in cancer cells leading them to death:

Altered metabolism is increasingly acknowledged as an important aspect of cancer, and thus serves as a potentially fertile area for the identification of therapeutic targets or leads. Our recent work using transcriptional data to predict metabolite levels in cancer cells led to preliminary evidence of the antiproliferative role of menaquinone (vitamin K2) in the Jurkat cell line model of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. However, nothing is known about the direct metabolic impacts of menaquinone in cancer, which could provide insights into its mechanism of action. Here, we used metabolomics to investigate the process by which menaquinone exerts antiproliferative activity on Jurkat cells. We first validated the dose-dependent, semi-selective, pro-apoptotic activity of menaquinone treatment on Jurkat cells relative to non-cancerous lymphoblasts. We then used mass spectrometry-based metabolomics to identify systems-scale changes in metabolic dynamics that are distinct from changes induced in non-cancerous cells or by other chemotherapeutics. One of the most significantly affected metabolites was phosphoethanolamine, which exhibited a two-fold increase in menaquinone-treated Jurkat cells compared to vehicle-treated cells at 24 h, growing to a five-fold increase at 72 h. Phosphoethanolamine elevation was observed prior to the induction of apoptosis, and was not observed in menaquinone-treated lymphoblasts or chemotherapeutic-treated Jurkat cells. We also validated the link between menaquinone and phosphoethanolamine in an ovarian cancer cell line, suggesting potentially broad applicability of their relationship. This metabolomics-based work is the first detailed characterization of the metabolic impacts of menaquinone treatment and the first identified link between phosphoethanolamine and menaquinone-induced apoptosis.
P.S.: the fact that there are so many people stating that they got cured or at least helped by this substance, which is extremely cheap to produce by the way, makes me think that drug companies have being pulling their strings...

RE: phosphoethanolamine against cancer - Anderson - 01-17-2017 07:47 AM

Much more info here: