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MSG sensitivities - James - 06-26-2012 05:14 AM

I've been reading your posts about soy all along. You have me pretty convinced.

It's funny you were raised on soy milk and that is really what I like. I am not a fan of tofu and other things. Maybe if somebody could make me something good with it that didn't contain any MSG even naturally occurring MSG (mainly soy sauce). It seems like I read that you thought MSG was okay because it occurs naturally.

Actually what I was referring was glutamates that have beneficial purposes for the body.

Even with MSG though this all depends on the person. A person who has MSG sensitivities should avoid it. Just like people with corn sensitivities should avoid corn, people with dairy sensitivities should avoid dairy, etc. If they do not have sensitivities then why worry? I don't have sensitivities to MSG and consume it all the time. No problems. If I was constantly worrying about it I would do more harm than just ignoring the fact that it is in my diet. And it is not just the stress people put themselves under worrying about every little thing they put in their mouth. We all know how powerful suggestion is. How many people are simply talking themselves in to becoming sick with certain foods all because they have convinced themselves that X causes Candidiasis, Y causes hypothyroidism, Z causes nervous system damage.......

I have ended up in the hospital from it, some people can't tolerate things whether they appear natural or not. I know you will also say some are allergic to peanuts or anything. This is different. I have encountered, way too many to make this a run of the mill allergen.

I would not say that people who are sensitive to MSG really have an "allergy" to it. These sensitivities are different. But as I pointed out previously there are various factors that affect the activity or inactivity of excitotoxins such as certain nutrients. It could be as simple as those who have an over sensitivity to a particular excitotoxin could have a nutrient deficiency or they have a lack of an enzyme needed to covert glutamate to glutamine. This does not make MSG or glutamate inherently toxic just because some people have a sensitivity to it. Just like some people react badly to salicylates in some nightshades. Does that make nightshade vegetables and fruits toxic to everyone and something everyone should avoid simply because some people have reactions?

But there are certain nutrients that will build your tolerance a little, like B6 and several others. Still, you are allergic and just the naturally occurring MSG in yeast and so forth is pretty much all you will ever tolerate. It is an excitatory neurotoxin as well.

Again that claim has been really over hyped.

But, I can tolerate tiny amounts in certain foods. I can have soy milk for sure. And getting the calcium out of my diet would be good in my case, at least large portions from dairy.

Funny you should mention calcium in your diet since it is a calcium influx from the excitotoxins that are a big part of the problem. So now should people avoid dairy due to the toxicity of calcium on nerves? Actually as I have mentioned in the past dairy is an extremely poor source of calcium, but was just making a point about how any food can really be made to look toxic if someone wanted to.

As an example, I had a post where I responded to one person who was bashing soy. So I asked him what he ate then when he provided a list I pointed out all the "toxins" in his diet including those he claimed were "toxins" in soy.