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The treatment of cancer with ozone - James - 06-18-2012 03:26 PM

The treatment of cancer with ozone

There is a very persistent myth that cancer cells cannot survive in a high oxygen atmosphere. This simply is not true. If it were true then we would be able to cure cancer with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Cancer is not cured by HBOT though. Ozone (O3) on the other hand is a more radical form of oxygen and has properties that oxygen (O2) does not provide.

Ozone treats cancer through a variety of mechanisms. The primary mechanism is through the production of peroxides. This is the same mechanism as natural killer (NK cells) destroy cancer cells. Before explaining this I need to explain a little cellular chemistry.

Normal cells contain antioxidant enzymes to deal with the peroxides generated by one group of these enzymes, superoxide dismutases (SOD). Yes, SOD both generates peroxides and breaks peroxides down. Why? Because hydrogen peroxide is an extremely important free radical for the body being used to kill pathogens and cancer cells as well as being essential for white blood cell activation. Although the peroxide could damage our cells if not for the antioxidant enzymes SOD, catalase and peroxidases. The Achilles heel of cancer cells is the fact that they lack these enzymes and therefore are unable to break down the peroxides.

Now back to ozone's effects on cells. Ozone forms several peroxides, hydrogen peroxide with reaction with water and lipid peroxides with reaction with fatty acids. These fatty acids include the fatty acids found in the cell membranes. The peroxides generated enter in to both healthy and cancerous cells. But the antioxidant enzymes in the healthy cells break these peroxides down in to water and oxygen. The cancerous cells though lack these enzymes and therefore can not break down the peroxides. Because they are not broken down the peroxides continue entering the cancer cells causing them to swell like a water balloon until they burst. For this reason the ozone selectively kills cancer cells, but not healthy cells.

Ozone selectively inhibits growth of human cancer cells.

Sweet F, Kao MS, Lee SC, Hagar WL, Sweet WE.

The growth of human cancer cells from lung, breast, and uterine tumors was selectively inhibited in a dose-dependent manner by ozone at 0.3 to 0.8 part per million of ozone in ambient air during 8 days of culture. Human lung diploid fibroblasts served as noncancerous control cells. The presence of ozone at 0.3 to 0.5 part per million inhibited cancer cell growth 40 and 60 percent, respectively. The noncancerous lung cells were unaffected at these levels. Exposure to ozone at 0.8 part per million inhibited cancer cell growth more than 90 percent and control cell growth less than 50 percent. Evidently, the mechanisms for defense against ozone damage are impaired in human cancer cells.

As I mentioned earlier NK cells use the same principle to kill cancer cells. The NK cells attach to cancer cells then inject peroxide in to the cancer cells causing them to swell and burst.

Another primary mechanism by which ozone stops cancer is due to its powerful antimicrobial properties. Many cancers have been linked to viral infections and more are being discovered daily. This includes the so-called hereditary cancers. A report a while back in Discover magazine reported that EVERY oncogene (genes that cause cancer) found to date was viral, and that NO human oncogenes had ever been found. When researchers say that they found the gene that causes breast cancer, or prostate cancer or whatever cancer these are genes are likely viral instead of human. Other pathogens, such as bacteria and fungi, can also cause cancer cells to form. Ozone is extremely effective in destroying viruses and other pathogens. This is partially through direct oxidative destruction of the pathogens and through white blood cell activation through the formation of peroxides.

Ozone also stimulates the immune system by raising cytokine levels, such as interferons and by increasing SOD levels.

Ozone helps to starve cancer cells by blocking the Cori cycle.

Finally, ozone also helps treat cancer by destroying carcinogens. This includes excess levels of our own hormones and xenoestrogens, which are destroyed through oxidation. Other carcinogens are destroyed either through oxidative breakdown or through conversion in to more stable oxidized compounds.

I also like ozone because it can go places where drugs and herbs cannot go. Every living human cell requires oxygen to survive. Ozone is a more radical form of oxygen. So it can get in to places such as the nerves to kill cancer forming herpes viruses, and in to the brain tissue making it a highly effective therapy for malignant brain tumors.

There are some people that do not understand ozone therapy that will claim it is dangerous because it is a free radical. Ozone stimulates the production of more antioxidant enzymes, making ozone self protective provided it is done in proper concentrations. One of these antioxidant enzymes is superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is not only antioxidant, but also anti-inflammatory (inflammation has also been linked to cancers), and immune stimulatory (production of peroxides, which activate white blood cells).

A study of ozone therapy in Germany showed an extremely safe track record. The study covered over 6.5 million doses of ozone administered. With all of these doses administered there were just over 30 adverse reactions reported. And most of these were minor, such as local irritation.

RE: The treatment of cancer with ozone - ginab - 06-27-2012 08:22 PM

Hi James,
Ozone is contraindicated with chemo, right?

RE: The treatment of cancer with ozone - James - 06-27-2012 10:34 PM

(06-27-2012 08:22 PM)ginab Wrote:  Hi James,
Ozone is contraindicated with chemo, right?

Chemotherapy works by the production of free radicals just like ozone therapy.

On the other hand there are a few drawbacks to using ozone at the same time as chemotherapy. One problem is that ozone destroys many chemical compounds, which can include chemotherapy drugs. So it would not make sense to take chemotherapy just to turn around and destroy the drugs.

Another issue is that if cancer cells are destroyed too quickly this can significantly increase uric acid levels and destroying too many cancer cells too fast is like having a major infection in the body, which can be dangerous.

Overall I would recommend only using the ozone during the breaks between chemotherapy rounds.

RE: The treatment of cancer with ozone - henrywronger - 08-24-2012 03:28 PM

In this way of therapy, chemicals are motivated into the body to kill the cancer cells before they increase and grow into tumors to once again ravage the body. This is a very challenging course of treatment method as even balanced cells are damaged to kill the cancer cells permeating the body.